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Authentic Wellness Therapy

Welcome to Our Authentic Wellness Experiences Website....Our Mission is to provide a magical place where each guest receives a unique and Authentic experience that deepens a connection to nature and self, which in turn reminds us of who we are.  Our Programs include Forest bathing, Equine Therapy, Yoga,  guided meditation, movement classes, Reiki and many other spa Therapies...

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Here we have our Wellness guides and our Nature Therapists..

Forest Bathing "Shinrin Yoku"
Nature provides an abundance of soothing effects on the nervous system, and awakens our senses.  The fresh air filled with Prana  combined with the Aromatherapy of the trees and forest floor, provides our lungs with cleansing and revitalizing properties deeply oxygenating our bodies...All whilst the The healing sounds of Nature tuning us into her Birds songs, the swaying and stretching of the Ancient Pines and breathing with their 200 plus years experience...Feeling and hearing the Pine cones and needles crunching underfoot connecting you to the bare back and breasts of Mother Nature...Opening our eyes to the sun that is beaming through the trees,  Following the Sun to the perfect bathing spot and letting  the  Rays cleanse and soak deep into our beings...Breathing, walking, consciously meditating, In the Arms of the forest, developing a practice and devotion to taking care of the Senses...

Enjoy our Authentic Wellness Website Experiences

Healing and growing through natural experiences...

Welcome to Authentic Wellness Experiences. Here you will be able to book appointments with nature as your guide and experienced Wellness Regenerators ...You will receive videos on deepening your connection to your self and be offered a place in Nature where you can safely experience all the seasons gifts and what we have to offer...

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